One Tragedy, Two Victims

Washington DC – Fellow Chinese Americans, with profound sorrow, we offer our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Akai Gurley, an African American. At the same time, we express strong discontent with the selective prosecution of Peter Liang, a former Chinese American rookie police officer who has been made a scapegoat of police brutality. Both Gurley and Liang are victims. They are victims of a poor social environment and NYPD’s dereliction of duty. We are abhorred by NYPD’s attempt to completely shifting their responsibilities of providing inadequate training to the two
inexperienced officers, and of pairing them to guard dark and dangerous buildings. Rather than the triumph of justice, the Prosecutor’s push for selective indictment of Peter Liang confirms our deepest fear that lives of the people of color are too often conveniently ruined and sacrificed. We call for all people who want equal justice to share our sorrow for Akai Gurley and to stand behind Peter Liang by saying NO to selective prosecution.

Why has Peter Liang’s case touched the nerves of so many Chinese Americans? For one thing, it points to history. From the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act to the most recent cases where several Chinese scientists have been profiled and targeted, it is clear that as a minority Chinese Americans have suffered a great deal of discriminatory treatment. Officer Liang’s case once again reminds us that injustice could befall us any time with or without a notice. We are encouraged to see how we Chinese Americans have come together to form a formidable and united force for our community and for social justice. We value as precious this solidarity!

In order to ensure a successful movement of bringing justice to Peter Liang in this particular case, we propose the following:

1. To promote a concerted nation-wide effort to set up a sufficient Legal Defense Fund for Peter Liang.       

2. To organize a powerful legal team composed of some best legal defense lawyers in the nation.

3. At the same time, try multiple ways to gain support from elected officials and campaigning candidates.

4. To reach out to other ethnic communities and to seek their understanding and support.

5. To provide guidance to street protests to ensure that we respect law and remain mindful of how we best present ourselves as justice-seeking citizens, though strongly discontent. This includes sharing what we consider some of the best slogans:

One Tragedy, Two Victims !

Condolences to Mr. Gurley’s Family !

Save Peter Liang !

Equal Justice, No Scapegoating !

Say NO to Selective Prosecution !

Fair Trial for Peter Liang !

Justice for Akai Gurley, Justice for Peter Liang, Justice for All!

NYPD Bears Undeniable Responsibility !

Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere !  – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

About NCCA:
NCCA is a (501) (C) (3) non-profit, non-political organization headquartered in Washington D.C. with members and affiliated chapters & organizations nationwide.  NCCA mission includes:  to preserve, promote, and enhance Chinese American’s cultural and spiritual heritage and humanistic value; to promote and safeguard Chinese American’s social well-being and economic development; to foster the understanding between Chinese Americans and all other people in the U.S.; and, to promote the
dialogue, engagement, exchange and emulsion between Chinese Americans and people around the world through education, art, science, religion, and socio-economic development.  NCCA believes that a stable and positive US-China relationship through better understanding among the two peoples will lead to greater world prosperity and world peace.

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