NCCA Board of Directors  理事会

Chairman 理事长:  Dr.  Qingyuan Han 韩清源

Standing Members 常务理事:  Dr. Phillip Chen 陈话, Dr. Zach Chen 陈自强, Dr. Qingyuan Han 韩清源, Qiang Hua, Esq. 华强, Dr. James Lu 鲁建业, Mr. Han Pan 潘涵, Dr. Ji Su 苏汲, Mr. Xinshi Tu 屠新时, Dr. Xiaolin Wang 王晓林, Mr. Steven Zhu 朱枫

Members 理事:  Dr. Luyuan Li 李鲁远, Ms. Xiaoyan Li 李晓燕, Dr. David Wu 吴航正,Mr. Wu Yegang 伍业刚, Mr. Xiaoze Yan 燕晓泽, Mrs. Shau Zavon 徐晓洁


NCCA Executive Branch  执委会

President  主席: Dr. Ji Su 苏汲

Executive Vice President, 常务副主席: Dr. James Lu 鲁建业

Vice President of China Affairs 副主席(中国事宜): Dr. Charlie Zhao 赵柏松

Vice President of Membership and Fundraising 副主席(会员和筹款): Mr. Dengke Xu 徐登科

Vice President of Law and Rights Protection 副主席(法律权益): Ms. Qiang Hua 华强

Vice President of Community Service and Development 副主席(社会服务和发展): Mr. Feng(Steven) Zhu 朱枫

Vice President of Education and Arts 副主席(教育和文艺): Mr.  Xinshi Tu

Secretary General 秘书长:  Mr. Dengke Xu 徐登科

Treasurer 财务长: Mrs. Shau Zavon 徐晓洁

IT and Tele-communication Committee Chair: Dr. Xiaolin Wang 王晓林

Community Outreach Committee Chair: Mr. Steven Zhu 朱枫

Communication and PR Committee Chair: Mr. Han Pan 潘涵

Education Committee Chair: Dr. Qingyuan Han 韩清源

Science and Technology Committee Chair: Dr. Phillip Chen 陈话

Women and Youth Committee Chair: Ms. Xiaoyan Li 李晓燕

Arts and Cultural Committee Chair: Mr. Xinshi Tu 屠新时

Legal, Ways and Means Committee Chair: Qiang Hua, Esq  华强律师

Think Tank Chairman: Dr. Hua Chen

Nominating & Election Committee Chairman: Dr. Hua Chen

Budget Committee Chairman: Mr. Ziqiang Chen

Special Representatives:

Representative in China: Dr. Baisong Zhao 赵柏松


President 主席: Dr. James Lu 鲁建业

Vice President 副主席:Ms. Tina Tian 田惠柔

Vice President 副主席:Mr. Bob Wang 汪宝生

Secretary General 秘书长: Ms. Xiaoqing Zhou 周啸青


To serve all the Chinese Americans

To recognize and preserve Chinese Americans’ cultural and spiritual heritage and humanistic value

To foster and promote, and safeguard  Chinese Americans’ social and economical well-being

To promote the understanding and friendship among all the people in the U.S. and beyond.

Why NCCA Matters

At the heart of all what we do is that NCCA strives to bring people together and connect people across the U.S. and the world for a common goal — fulfilling our dreams and realizing our humanistic potentials.


NCCA is a non-profit, non-political, 501(c)(3) organization.  NCCA is made up primarily of Chinese Americans of diverse backgrounds. Many of our members are academicians, engineers, scientists, managers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, businessmen, community organizers, artists, writers, college students, waiters, homemakers, and retirees. Many of us focus at education, social entrepreneurship, and global social justice and shared responsibilities.

Over the years, NCCA has built a close working relationship with diverse ethnic groups of people, such as African Americans, Latino Americans, Japanese Americans, and Korean Americans, among others.  Some of our members are actively engaged in “People of Color” initiatives at the state’s level. 

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